Why My Business Need Digital Marketing in 2019?

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4. Email Marketing

The success of your business depends on the number of happy customers you have. Every business manages there a customer in a different way.

If you remember Tally then you will also remember that how they have removed the concept of handwritten billing. 

Same like tally many businesses have various CRM Tools by which they can easily manage their customers and maintain their day to day business activities. The best example is Zoho.

9. Referral Marketing

For example, you want to purchase a professional camera and one of your friends has purchased the same camera.

So will you listen to your friend or some unknown person? Referral marketing works the same way.

And one of the best referral marketing is Affiliate Marketing.

So let me tell you how affiliate marketing works. When an Owner publishes(advertiser) a product he assigns a link(referral Link) to the affiliate, and an affiliate promotes the product in his own ways(via blog, review writing, paid ads etc.) and when a buyer buys from his link the affiliate will get the commission for the sale he made.

In this referral marketing, there are three parties. One is Advertiser, second is an affiliate and third one is a buyer.

a. Advertiser:
An advertiser is the one who is the owner of the product and he is the one who pays the commission to the affiliate on every successful sale is made.

b. Affiliate
An affiliate is a person who will promote the advertiser’s product via all his mediums and focus on selling the product by his unique referral link.

c. Buyer
The buyer or the end user who buys the product from the affiliate’s unique link. 

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to promote your product because you will have the authority from other people which is going to sell your product. 

Affiliate marketing can reduce your marketing cost, you do not have to produce any content for that, you do not have to give it to the affiliates also.

Companies like Amazon use affiliate marketing to sell their products and they give commission up to 12% to affiliates.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing for Business?

1. Lower Marketing Costs.

2. Cost Effective For Any Type of business.

3. Proper Reach to Right Customer

4. Best ROI

5. Easy To Measure

6. Target Buyers Based on Demographics

7. Let Your Customers Find You.

8. A/B Testing

9. Reach Directly to Your Buyers

10. Pay Only When Someone Take Action On Your Ad

If you want to take your business online and confused where to start then you can


For a business in today’s age, the most important thing is to be online just in front of their customer.

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