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In the last post, I have mentioned that what is Digital Marketing. In this Post, I have written about Various Modules In Digital Marketing is the question frequently asked and in the last post, I have mentioned about the opportunities in Digital Marketing in business as well as for professionals.

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Various modules of Digital Marketing, things to keep in mind while learning Digital Marketing, how to be an expert in Digital Marketing, various career opportunities in Digital Marketing for professionals, how anyone can start his career in Digital Marketing, skills required to excel in Digital Marketing.

Various Modules Which Falls Under Digital Marketing are:-

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Growth Hacking
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Content Marketing

Various Roles in Digital Marketing

Let me discuss first what are the various career opportunities in digital marketing in which anyone can make a career in.
1. Digital Marketing Manager
2. Content Marketing Manager
3. Inbound Marketing Manager
4. Social Media Manager
5. Search Engine Marketers
6. SEO Analyst
7. Conversion Rate Optimizer
8. Email Marketing Manager/Consultant
9. Analytics Analyst

1. Digital Marketing Manager: 

The Digital Marketing Manager is the person who takes care of all the campaigns their main roles are developed and manage digital marketing campaigns, oversee a social media strategy, manage and maintain the organizations website(s), write content for the websites, managing social media accounts, regularly work on bounce rate, improving conversions, fix errors and bugs in the content and identify new trends in the Digital Marketing.

2. Content Marketing Manager

They are accountable for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic that helps them to generate sales and customer retention, they focus on delivering an effective content marketing strategy to meet the business objective at the lowest possible cost, they must have basic underlying of SEO because Google also gives priority to those who focus more quality content and provides what readers are looking for, they also work on companies newsletters, email templates etc.

3. Inbound Marketing Manager:

Inbound Marketing provides information, an improved customer experience and builds trust by offering potential customers information they value using sponsored newsletters, blog, and entries on social media platforms. They are hired to build and manage a rich content/editorial calendar that attracts the audience(including eBooks, webinars, infographics, blog posts), create and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns leveraging SEO, Social, inbound, email marketing.

4. Social Media Manager:

Their work is to perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences, designing and implementing social media strategy to match up business goals, setting specific objectives on ROI, generate and edit and publish and share engaging content daily, monitor SEO and web traffic, enhance brand consistency, communicate with followers, respond to their queries, increase online reputation, oversee social media accounts, stay up-to-date with current trends and technologies.

5. Search Engine Marketing Manager:

Search Engine Marketing is responsible for planning, implementing and managing a company’s overall SEO strategy, their duty is to work on web marketing, analytics, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword strategy.

6. Seo Analyst:

They perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities, provide SEO analysis in coordination with SEO goals, implement link building campaigns with coordination to SEO goals, content strategies in coordination with SEO goals, social media and search engine trends affecting SEO.

7. Conversion Rate Optimizer:

They use creativity and strong analytical skills to identify optimization opportunities for clients/business and develop those ideas into a plan of action, they focus on A/B testing, usability, user research and using analytics, create reports on a monthly basis based on the test results.

8. Email Marketing Manager or Consultant:

Email Marketing is the most effective digital marketing tools and this is the only medium which will directly attach you to your readers and well as clients. they identify the target audience and grow an email list, design and implement direct email marketing campaigns, proofread emails and rectify grammatical errors, ensure mobile-friendly email templates, write newsletters with company updates, Design emails, personalization tags and advanced features, create the database for lead generation, generate sales revenue through email marketing efforts.

9. Analytics Analyst:

A web analyst works on the google analytics platform. Their roles are to prepare a report of website traffic, which is the most visited web page, which is their highest selling products/services, check bounce rate, preparing goals for e-commerce conversions, analyze the behavior of the audience, prepare reports on the basis of users spending time on the website.

All the above roles do exist in the Digital marketing and there is a good demand for the experienced professional in the market.


Now Next Question we get more often is how to be an expert in Digital Marketing.

1. Understand the Concept
2. Read, Read and Read new contents about Digital Marketing.
3. Practice what you have learned.
4. Find case studies and make strategies,
5. Start Blogging(Best way to learn Digital Marketing), Learn how to create a website.
6. Join Related facebook groups, Forums, Portals.
7. keep analyzing your strengths and weakness with the intention to improve more and more.
8. Focus on one thing at a time
9. Focus on giving quality not the quantity.


Things to keep in mind while Learning Digital Marketing

  • You should have an eagerness to learn.
  • Do not afraid to make mistakes.
  • Clear with your basics.
  • Set a Goal and read according to that
  • Build your brand with your personal blog. Create your own blog
  • Never get demotivated by other Digital Marketers success and failures.



In this Article, I have mentioned Various Modules falls under Digital Marketing and different career opportunities you can target once you become a digital marketing specialist.

Let me know your views and thoughts in the comment section.

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