Understand Right SEO Requirement

In this article, I want to tell you guys how to understand the right SEO requirement as a beginner. Understand SEO Requirement

What to do and what not to do to fulfill this SEO requirement. 

As a beginner or as an expert, you have once in your lifetime have heard about SEO and importance of SEO.

Digital Marketing Experts focus on doing right SEO and teach others how to do SEO and get better rankings in SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

In this article, I will explain to you why you need SEO, and what your required in SEO and how to understand the right SEO requirement.

This article is written because I have seen many of my ex-colleagues improperly use backlinks strategy and create unlimited backlinks without even understanding the right SEO requirement of any website.

In the research of understanding the right Search Engine requirement, I have come across to this excellent post on Thinking like a Search Engine by Digitaldeepak.  

Before we start with how to understand SEO requirements first look what is Google’s algorithm and what Google expects from us.

Recent Google Algorithms to Follow

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

When Google updated their algorithm to the hummingbird, all they wanted is to stop keyword stuffing. 

Keyword stuffing kills the quality of any content and all you find in the article is full of keywords everywhere.

With this update google expected from us to use the semantic words(Same Meaning Words) instead of using the same word again and again by stuffing the keywords.

Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

We all surf websites/articles/blogs from smartphones nowadays so you can guess how important is for the website to be a mobile friendly.

As you know Google is the number one Search Engine giant in the world, so Google does not want to reduce the user experience.

So making a website Mobile Friendly is another must-have factor to rank in the google.

Google Panda Algorithm

When we search for a term/keyword we expect best answers that would match with the solution we are looking for.

So the google has rolled out their panda version to focus on Quality Content and give users the right quality information. 

Google understood the importance of quality content long back and started giving rankings to quality content publishing sites. 

Note:- For the quality content focus on understanding your audience, their pain points and give them the best solution.

While researching for a blog post if you have found some good websites then link them in your content for your readers.

Google Penguin Algorithm

Google ranks the page if your website has good backlinks from other websites. Off-page is a way to create an authority of your blog in a way that other bloggers recommend your blog. 

When the marketers understood this concept they started building unlimited backlinks and even started buying links(Black-Hat-SEO) from others. 

So Google rolled out penguin update by which all those bloggers who were practicing the buying link black hat SEO strategy were penalized.

Google asked to create natural links and quality links(i.e create backlinks only from the websites matching to your business).

So one thing for sure that you cannot manipulate Google in any terms.

But you want to rank your article/your page/your business.

How to do that without hurting manipulating Google?

Helping Google in a Right Way

I have mentioned what Google expects from us and now it is our turn to help Google create a better user experience. 

I have not mentioned one more factor that is “Rank Brain Factor”. This factor focuses on the quality content.


Rank Brain Algorithm Infographics

So we can help Google by writing a well-optimized article and Improve readers experience.

Understand the Right SEO Requirement

You will agree with me on this that the first thing any digital marketer thinks to rank a page/blog is an Off-Page especially for building backlinks. 

Without even Understanding the business/blog or websites requirement some marketers are busy in building unlimited backlinks. 

Yes, I agree that getting authority from websites is a healthy way to rank a business/blog/website but it is not only the way to rank.

We often forget that if backlinks that are made naturally are the ones makes an impact in the search engine rankings. 

I have seen my digital marketing ex-colleagues busy in creating backlinks and it does not matter from where they are getting backlinks and what type of backlinks strategy they must use.

Pro Tip:- For creating a quality backlink make sure you are getting authority from the website which is related to your niche. 

Tips to Understand the requirement of SEO

1. Understand what is the business about.

2. First, focus on the On-Page to understand the website.

3. Prepare a list of keywords which can be useful for your website/ blog.

4. Regular website audit will help you in tracking the website performance.

5. Focus on Guest Posting and Link Roundups for Best Link Building results.

6. Before writing an article just check how many backlinks a particular article has got and made that much only do not waste more of your time on that.

7. Use tools like Headline Analyser, Backlinks Checker and Keywords Checker.

8. Focus on the keywords which are Long Tail, More Searched and Less Competitive.

Make sure you give search engines what it is expecting from you so that it can help you to rank in their search results.

Types of requirement any website has

1. On-Page SEO
More than Off-Page if your website is excellent in On-Page the chances are there that it will rank higher in the search results.

On-Page Factor includes Proper Keyword Research, Meta Title, Description, and Title.

2. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the most crucial factor as it will allow search engines to accept your website/blog.

This SEO Strategy will make your blog/website in the top Search Engine Rankings.

It includes Site Speed, Mobile-Friendliness, Sitemaps, Crawlings, Site Structure, Site Architecture etc.

3. Off-Page SEO

Off Page Technique tells google that other websites are trusting you and recommending your website to others.

This Strategy is best for creating your website authority and improve your website domain authority and page authority. 

My View – I think as a new blogger you should focus on creating quality content, not on anything else.

If your goal is to create quality content then no medium can stop you from getting successful.

So work on producing quality content in the form a text blog, video, and audio.


Do you focus more on SEO or on producing Quality Content?

Do you think SEO is the most important factor in digital marketing even more than Quality Content Creation?

Let me know your views.

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