Top Blogging Questions of 2018

Top 43 Blogging Questions of 2018


We all have doubts, thoughts, ideas about blogging and in this blog I am going to mention the top blogging questions of 2018 beginners and bloggers have asked me on Quora and I have explained it below. Use above to tweet your blogging questions.

Top blogging questions of 2018 – Part 1

Q.1 What is SEO?

SEO also called Search Engine Optimization. It is an organic process and tells Google that your website is matching with their criteria. This medium is very beneficial for long-term goals and can generate a number of interested visitors for your site.

SEO is Classified in two Parts:-
1. On-Page
2. Off- Page

Q.2 What is the best time to send an email campaign to users in India?

Nobody can tell you the exact time when your user will open your mail. When we have sent our first campaign with 20,000 mails in the afternoon and most of the people have put it on spam and not viewed. Next morning some of the people opened our mail and that is how we got an idea to send emails in the morning.

Next day we sent emails in the morning and got the good open rate and how we got the data, that we have analyzed in our analytics dashboard and found that morning people open more emails (Especially in India).

Keep these two things in mind –
1. Do not buy the database, it will reduce your open rate and can increase cost.
2. Keep an eye on analytics, check the behaviors. Email marketing is the best channel to stay connected.

Q. 3 How can one learn digital marketing to promote a product?

There are so many free sources available on the internet by which you can learn digital marketing and can learn how to promote any product via digital marketing. You can have two options one is paid and one is free. For a paid advertisement, you can use google ads, social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation campaigns, viral the campaigns. In a free advertising, you can go for SEO, mail to your existing clients and you can also start a blog in which you can promote your product as well.

Q. 4 How do I learn digital marketing practically?

Understand what you want to learn, how you will learn it and why you want to learn about it. Before learning anything focus on why you want to learn and once you find it then prepare topics which you want to learn, start blogging and learn practically. Best way to learn digital marketing concept is to learn by blogging.

Q. 5 How is CPM different from CPV in digital marketing?

CPM stands for cost per impression. It is calculated on the basis of how many times your ad has shown to an audience or visitors. 1000 impressions make one impression and Google charges you on that bases. CPM ads are used majorly by E-commerce websites & stores and those businesses where they do not have to write a text to explain, their image is enough to convey the message.

CPV stands for cost per view. It is a type, whenever a user or audience sees such ad. This type of ad is not necessarily to be clicked. It is something to spread awareness and spread messages.

There are two types of popular ways of ads cost:-
1. CPC – Cost Per Click
2. CPM – Cost Per Impression

Q. 6 How is digital marketing essential for a business?

If yes is the answer to any of these questions then you are in need of digital marketing.
1. Is your business having a good opportunity in the market?
2. Do you want to reach more customers?
3. Do you know how many customers are there for your business? Do you want them to know that you exist and offer the same product at better rates?
4. Are you spending the amount of the marketing activities but could not able to measure it in terms of ROI.
5. Do you spend your amount without knowing your targeted customer’s location?
6. Do you sometimes find no business for your business and no customers are calling or walk-in for you?
7. Are you tired of investing amount with knowing the proper ROI?
8. Do you want to save unwanted cost related to your marketing and want to attract your customers online so that you can save some direct and indirect expenses?
If any of these questions answer is yes then definitely go for Digital Marketing.

Q. 7 How do we do digital marketing for an e-commerce store?

Plan a proper strategy, use competitors data and how they are working. Use looks like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Keyword Planners, Buzzsumo. Create all social media accounts and focus on brand awareness and brand building. E-commerce business will only be successful when you have a client for your niche and to get good customers you should get a good amount of traffic.

Q. 8 How do I rank a website fast through the SEO process?

It depends upon the competition of the niche. Start writing blogs on your website niche and look for long tail keyword and write content on that. Follow only White-Hat SEO and focus more on Quality Backlinks and if you are not able to create backlinks then focus more quality content and that is more than enough.

Q. 9 What is article submission in digital marketing and SEO?

Article submission is a type of off-page technique. Whatever article you write on your website it will not be considered as a trusted website unless until someone will give trust backlink and when you submit your website to such article submission sites they will give you a backlink.

Q. 10 What are the techniques of SEO?

There are two types of SEO techniques.
1. On-Page
2. Off- Page

1. On-page – Anything that affects your website from inside like content, keywords, tags etc
2. Off-page – if your website getting affected from outside source like link building, Broken links, social media influence etc.

Q. 11 How can I get free articles for a website?

If you are a new blogger then look for the people around you who are at the same level of beginners and have the same niche. Reach out to them and ask them to write content for your website and in return, you can also write for them.

Q. 12 What tool do you use for on-page SEO?

Use SEMrush for all SEO requirements. You can add your domain to the plan and you will get an idea for improvements, keyword researches, content planning, website audit, backlink analysis, social media analysis and Many More.

Q. 13 What is the black hat and white hat SEO?

There are three types of SEO:-
1. White-Hat SEO:- White Hat SEO is the measure any SEO professional take while keeping the google factors in mind. White Hat is very essential to rank your website in the search engines.

2. Black-Hat SEO:- If you do things which are not recommended by Google is being called as Blackhat SEO. For eg- Keyword Stuffing, Link Purchasing etc.

3. Grey Hat SEO:- There are some techniques which are the combination of White Hat and Black Hat SEO and it can be used properly like SEO squatting, create social media accounts, comment backlink etc.

Q. 14 What is SEO and types of SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is an organic process and tells Google that your website is matching with their criteria. Usually, it is very beneficial for long-term goals and can generate a number of interested visitors for your site.

It is Classified in two Parts:-
1. On-Page
2. Off- Page

Q. 15 How can I optimize web pages for SEO & rank better in Google?

Read google’s algorithm and keep in mind the criteria of Google. Optimize your content and insert the keywords at the desired place. Work on the on the page of whichever website you want to rank. Google will rank you better if your On-page is excellent.

Q. 16 How does an on-page SEO give more chances of getting your website a high visibility on SERPs?

On-page is the only thing affecting any website’s ranking. On-page is very crucial for any website and if you have a good on the page then your website will rank good. People focus on backlinks without working on on-page and they continually make useless backlinks.

Q. 17 Where did you learn digital marketing from? How did you get started?

Digital marketing is a self-paced platform. We have two options whether to take in-classroom training or we can learn online. Whichever is suitable you can adopt but whichever medium you use do not try everything in practice.

Q. 18 Why is guest blogging so important for SEO?

As you know to rank any website Digital marketing professionals are creating backlinks and they create backlinks without any limit so to stop this, Google has come with an update and change the link building strategy, so not you should be creating quality backlinks and these type of backlinks are only possible when you do guest blogging. Guest Blogging is the best way to create a high authority backlinks, if you get recommended by someone then it would be the best backlink for you.

Q. 19 What are the different techniques of SEO?

1. On-Page
2. Off-Page
Your all SEO techniques depend on these two factors.

Q. 20 How can I grow my knowledge in digital marketing, SEO specifically?

Start a blog while learning Digital Marketing, this method is the only option you can learn all Digital Marketing Topics and you can bring results to yourself and the company you are working or going to work. The Best example is Deepak kanakaraju and he learned all digital marketing topics from his blog BikerBoy(Now Sold) and now he is managing his another blog digitaldeepak.

Q. 21 What are the different ways in which digital marketing is done?

Digital Marketing can be done in the following Ways:-
Social Media Marketing
Google Ads
Content Writing & Marketing
Lead Generation
Email marketing & SMS Marketing
To know more about it read about various modules in digital marketing

Q. 22 Do you need a website for your business or profession?

The website is a good way to show your products and services. The website is your shop to show others your products and services and attract. For a professional person, it can help him earn extra income apart from his regular income. The website is a good showcase platform and helps you make yourself as a brand.

Q. 23 Is email marketing useful anymore?

Email marketing will never die, it is the only way where you can be in contact with your readers and users. When you run any paid campaigns you will never get to know what all people it is reaching to and you can ask them to buy from you or like you but in Email Marketing, you send emails to those who are interested in you. Email Marketing is the best the way to increase traffic, increase revenue.

Top blogging questions of 2018 Part 2

Q. 24 What are the useful tools in digital marketing?

There are plenty of tools which can be used as per requirements like:-
Google Webmaster Tool
Google Analytics
Google keyword planner,
Google Trends
Google Page Insights
MailChimp, Aweber and other Mailing Platform.
Ahrefs, SEMrush
Facebook Pixel
XML Sitemaps
Broken Links Finder

Q. 25 How do I become successful in digital marketing?

Read more, whatever you are reading practically it and learn new things, try new things on your blog.

Q. 26 How do I create any technology blog through which I can start extra earnings?

You already have good competition in your niche(Technology). For a technology blog, you can focus more on the YouTube channel and upload videos on that. Look at your competitors and check their content. You can start as usual and work on it.

Q. 27 How can I do digital marketing for my own product?

First, decide what all the channels will work best for your business and then start. All digital marketing channels might not be good. Focus on all these platforms and start working on it.
Do keyword research
Make a strategy for Paid campaigns(Facebook & Google)
Use Content optimization. Start a blog and write blogs on your niche.
Look at your competitors.
Find traffic sources and combine all these traffic and send those traffic to your website.

Q. 28 What are the best tools used in SEO?

Webmaster Tool By Google
Google Analytics
Google keyword planner,
Google Trends
Google Page Insights
MailChimp, Aweber and other Mailing Platform.
Ahrefs, SEMrush
XML Sitemaps
Broken Links Finder

Q. 29 How can SEO help an online business to increase sales?

Let me give explain it via the situation.
Situation 1
So suppose you have started a business and want people to know about it so you have decided to distribute pamphlets at a shopping mall, so people started taking your pamphlets and throwing it without even reading it. Will, it gives an opportunity for your business to grow or will people get to know about your business?

Situation 2:
What if you know who all are your customers and get an opportunity to target only those customers. Will it help in brand awareness? Yes, it will. SEO is a process where your business would be visible when a user types their requirement related to your business. So basically you do not ask them to come they are searching on their own.
Digital marketing helps you in the same. with the help of digital marketing, you can target those who are looking for your business and save huge printing and traditional marketing costs.

Q. 30 What are the best techniques to create a good content in SEO?

1. Write as a first person(Like you speaking to a person directly)
2. Optimize your content with the desired keywords.
3. Do not overstuff your keywords.
4. Write to both your users and search engines(Write readable and error free articles)
5. Use heading and subheading to make the article look good.

Q. 31What are some basic websites to follow backlinks easily?

The only method you can get follow backlinks to any website is search the websites which are related to your niche and it would be nice if you focus on only those. Keep remembering that Google will consider your website healthy if you have an equal percentage of Dofollow & No-Follow Backlinks.

Q. 32 Is SEO necessary when PPC is doing the best for our website?

You mind extra benefit if you get it for free, no right. SEO is a long-term process and if you do it right then you will enjoy the visitors for a long term. Google Ads(PPC) will work till the time you run your ad but SEO will work for you for a long time.

Q. 33 What can be the possibilities for keywords ranking which are highly competitive through organic SEO quickly?

Competitive keywords are hard to rank because already multiple people are working on to rank them. So if you are looking for competitive keywords to rank, prepare a good strategy. Competitive keywords are hard to rank but not impossible. You can use long tail keywords and for that, you can go to LSI and enter your keyword for the suggestion. You can even use synonyms for the same keyword and work on that. Learn how to do keyword research for your website and for your blog.

Q. 34 What are the advanced changes in digital marketing?

Technology is changing every day and so is digital marketing strategies. For an example google first came with the desktop search results, then they made it compulsory for every website to be mobile friendly and now they are working on voice search. So Digital marketing is getting advanced day by day. One more example before we use to send emails and follow up with the clients but now you can add tags and your email service provider can differentiate your list of customer. Now you can send email on time basis, based on origin and many more features.

Q. 35 What’s the need for gaining quality backlinks for our website?

Google will consider your website good it other websites also recommend you. When others stamp on your website that your website is genuine then Google also feels the same. Backlinks are important to rank a keyword and a website. With On-page SEO it is necessary to focus on quality backlinks.

Q. 36 Why is keyword research important for a website?

Your websites soul is content and you can write good content only when you know what you are going to write and you can write well when you do proper keyword research. If you want people to visit your site then you should do proper keyword research to attract more visitors.

Q. 37 How can I improve my digital marketing knowledge?

The easy and best way to improve digital marketing knowledge is to start a blog. How to start a blog in minutes.

Q. 38 Why is email marketing a kind of digital marketing?

Email Marketing is the only way to stay in touch with your readers. If you want to make good sales and if you want your visitors to purchase every time from you then concentrate more on email marketing. The email marketing is the most successful customer engagement medium above all.

Q. 39 How do I start blog writing and from where do I get blog topic ideas?

Start whichever topic you are comfortable with at the starting and once you have certain blogs then go to your webmaster tool and get the topic Ideas.

Q. 40 Is digital marketing trending? If yes, then what are the new and advanced trends in digital marketing?

Yes, digital marketing is the future and there are various types of trends in digital marketing.

Q. 41 Why don’t I get any organic traffic as I am doing on page and off page SEO properly for more than a month?

Focus on the content you have written. Check if you have done proper keyword research.

Q. 42 Can I get sales from off-page promotions in SEO for an e-commerce site?

Because of the huge competition, your e-commerce can stand out if you have good backlinks. but you know Amazon and Facebook do not need any backlinks anymore. Think why is that?

Q. 43 How do I grow my career in the field of digital marketing as a fresher?
Start blogging, read more and implement on your blog.

Wrapping Up:

I hope this article about top blogging questions of 2018 helped you in some or the other way and helped you in getting a clear picture.

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