My intention to start blogging is to fully optimize the income source through online mediums. Various ways where we can start earning will be my major focus.

You can change people’s lives by your acts, views, information and with experiences you put in people’s lives.

Digitalgrace is my endeavor to teach any beginners on how to earn income via blogging, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and other possible ways.

Ways to Earn Passive Income Online 

1. Blogging

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Consultation

4. Domain Trading

5. Online Courses

6. E-Books

7. Digital Marketing Services

What I am going to do for you if you are a Bloggers, Students, Professional?

1. Tip to start Blogging.
2. How to start earnings through online mediums.
3. Information on various tools(how to use them) and programs by which anyone can start earnings.
4. Success Stories, Tips, Motivational Stories.
5. Personality Development and some tips on how to improve living.
6. A Community for beginners and pro-bloggers to have a chat on various mediums and tools to improve skills that can be Digital Marketing skills, Writing, Money Saving, Money Making Etc.

What I am going to do for businesses and Entrepreneurs?

1. Guide them to Various Digital Marketing Skills.
2. Help Them Learn Digital Marketing for their own Business.
3. Help them get quality information on various tools, Medium, and skills in Digital Marketing.
4. How to reach more customers and engage them towards business.
5. Teach them online and offline Digital Marketing to cater to more customers.

Why I am doing this (My Mission):

1. I want to be a source of information to all my readers whose interest is in Making Income Online, Learn Digital Marketing, Improve skills, Learn More Skills.
2. I want to make DigitalGrace a one-stop solution for all types of Marketing Solution point.
3. I would be happy if I can bring a change in people’s life.


About JOBIN JOSEPH(That’s Me)

About jobin joseph from DigitalGrace

I am working a 9-5 job in a startup company. I have two years of experience in digital marketing.

In this two year of my career, I have worked with different companies helping them with digital marketing.

I have a good knowledge of Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Online Marketing, and Blogging.

Apart from my regular job, I am a trainer at one of the institution and I consult businesses to help them set up digital marketing platforms and improve their online presence.  

Now I have started my blog to work on me and want to quit my 9-5 job and make a full-time income from my blog.

I am going to use my knowledge to establish this blog and help other bloggers in the journey.

I may even write some of the non-digital marketing topics just some things happen in and around me.