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Grammarly Review – Your Personal Perfect Writing Assistant

In this article, I will teach you how to best use a free grammar checker tool.

The only difference between the expert and the beginner is their writing skills.

When we are a beginner blogger we tend to make loads of writing errors in sentences.

If your reader visits your page and sees these mistakes then he/she will not only get confused but also will lose their interest in further reading to your article. 

This one major mistake will break your blog entirely regarding readability. Some of the other blogging mistakes.    

At the beginning of the blog post, I have mentioned some mistakes new beginners bloggers make and with this free grammar checker tool you can not only correct your grammar but also can write like a professional.

Why You Should Write Well

The tool I am going to introduce is an excellent tool for bloggers when I started reading other blogs I used to get amazed by other bloggers writing skills.  

Writing an engaging content without grammatical errors is such an awesome thing.

Especially for a blogger who is not strong in English communication, is not strong in vocabulary, does not know many synonyms, antonyms, it will be hard to write an engaging content. 

One good way to master in your blogging career is to write good content.

You may have strong analytics skills, you might also understand your reader’s pain points but it will not be useful until you find the right words to convey your solution. 

We do not know everything and our experience helps us teaching new things and the same thing goes with the writing skills.

Every expert was once a beginner and it was their dedication and experiences that made them what they are now. 

Grammarly Banner 1

So one option to write a good blog post is hiring a good content writer(at a charge of 1 rupee per word minimum) or start writing of your own. 

If you are a beginner blogger then it might not be a good option to hire a content writer as it will increase your cost and when you’re a beginner your primary focus will be on saving money.

So the next option is to write yourself and to write well you either have good writing skill or a free grammar checker tool.

Grammarly – A Free Grammar Checker Tool

Common Feature of Grammarly

Grammarly is a freemium grammar checker tool and lots of readers, writers use this tool in their daily life.

Grammarly is available online as well in the form of chrome extension. Grammarly auto-corrects the grammatical errors and if you need it will give your alternative word option. 

Grammarly is not only a free grammar checker tool but also give you a proper reason for it so that you can keep the rule in mind and improve your writing.  

Grammarly Dashboard
Grammarly Dashboard

Grammarly is available for all the major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox not only that you can use Grammarly on social sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumbler.

Grammarly is also compatible with all the products of MS Office. 

Grammarly for Word

We all use Ms-Office every day. Some use it for professional matters, some use it for writing notes, some writing articles.

But what if you write with full of grammatical mistakes and send to your colleagues, friends or someone you know, will it create a good impression on them about you?

So to avoid such embracement, Grammarly gives you the solution with their app being used with the MS Office software. To download Grammarly app for MS office Go to your Dashboard > Click on the apps on the left-hand side.

Grammarly Tools For Various Platforms


Grammarly for chrome

Grammarly is also available in the chrome extension. To download this either you can create a free account or go to the dashboard and click on the apps menu.

Once you download the Grammarly extension all you have to do is a signup and you are good to go.

Whenever you access any of the software from your system you just have to log in and you can start using it. 

Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly free account Details

Grammarly is a freemium tool and has a lot of function in its free version. 

In the free version, you can correct your spelling mistakes, your sentence formations can suggest you correct and incorrect sentence formations and synonyms ideas. 

Create a  free Grammarly account now

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium comes with the feature of its own. In the free version of Grammarly, there are so many restrictions.

Basic things like sentence formations, spelling corrections, synonyms, correct and incorrect sentences types are covered in the free version. 

Grammarly premium will give you the advanced option to correct things like these. 

Premium Feature of Grammarly
Before Premium Version(Articles With Error)

Once you subscribe for the paid version this all errors you can rectify.

I have subscribed my first-month subscription and got the advantage of writing excellent blog posts.

After Purchasing Premium Version
After Premium Version(Error Free Article)


Get the First-Month Premium Version Now

Pro Tips

1. Using Synonyms

To use synonyms in Grammarly you just have to double-click on a particular word and you will find various alternative words. 

Synonyms Feature in Grammarly

2. Track Your Own Performace

Performance Feature of Grammarly

If you write continuously then chances are there that you can very well improve in the English writing especially when you are non-native English speaker like me.

Based on your goal it will track your performance and show you your improvement.

3. Using Grammarly in Other Tools

Grammarly Tools For Various Platforms

As I already mention Grammarly is not just a free grammar checker tool it is much more than that.

Grammarly is to make writing English easy especially for the non-native speakers like me.

This is the first tool I have used even before I started blogging and since then I am using this in my daily life. 

Grammarly Banner 2

I am a Digital Marketing Professional and because of my client base, I write articles, blog posts, Social Media Messages and Emails for making a relationship with the readers as well as other big bloggers and website owners. 

Grammarly has helped me in all the stages of my professional career and made me an error-free part-time content writer for those people. 

4. Improve Your Writing Skills


Set Goals in Grammarly

One thing I love about Grammarly is I have learned a lot from it. Like punctations, Sentences formations, Words, Synonyms and more.

You just have to make things harder a little bit. Check the boxes according to your convenience and be the best writer. Always learn from mistakes and improve it as soon as it comes. 

5. Write Every Single Day

Regular Practice makes a man perfect.  If you want to be an expert in writing then the success formula is to write every day. 

I am not saying you should write 2000-3000 words in a day but you can start with the basic of 250-300 Words.

Go for the free Grammarly version and learn by your every mistake.

Note: Once you Improve your writing you can quickly learn to write engaging content.

Grammarly Pricing(Premium Plans)


Grammarly Premium Subscription Plans
Grammarly Premium Plans

Wrapping Up
I hope you will like my review for Grammarly and will start using for your learning.

I have written the review based on my experience and if you have any points to add on then you are free to mention it in the comment section.

Also, comment how did you feel after reading the article. 

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