How to Generate New Blog Post Ideas in 2019 [Beginners Guide]

How to Generate New Blog Post Ideas in 2019? [Beginners Guide]

In this article, I will show you how to Generate Blog Post Ideas and type of ideas you can quickly write.

Blogging is not the same as before. You have to be smart enough to generate new blog post ideas very often. 

The more you give your readers what they are looking for, the chances of making your blog successful will also increase.

When I started my blog all I want to do is to write the best articles so that I will become famous and be an expert in my industry. 

And down the lane, I found myself out of the ideas and soon I could not think of any Ideas.

But soon I got some unique ways to generate new ideas, various idea generation platforms that can help me generate high traffic keyword Ideas.

Tools You Can Use for Generating New Keyword Ideas Are

1. Quora

Instead of directly entering your keywords in the Google keyword planner or any other keyword research tool. 

First, you have to find out what people are looking for. What is the problem they are facing and how you can help them? 

Based on this you can create a blog post by keeping the solution in your mind.

Quora is a Question and Answer Based platform and we can leverage it very well to find lots of blog post ideas.

2. Facebook Groups

I associated with many Facebook groups. Like startup groups, business groups, professional and Freelancers group.

The benefit of a Facebook group is that you will instantly find what people are looking for in your domain/niche.

The people in the groups can ask a question to each other or can ask for a solution for a particular situation.

In both ways, you can choose the topic and write the article. 

3. Answer The Public

Answerthepublic- Image

Once you have a handful of ideas you have to choose the right keyword and for that, you should use an attractive headline.

In this case, you can use for getting the various terms based on your keyword.

These terms are the most searched terms by any users/readers. 

This tool will also help you find the various questions based on the proposition like how to, why, where, which, will, what etc. 

4. Google Keyword Planner 

To know the best keyword for your blog GKP is the best option. Read How to Use the Google Keyword Planner for Writing Best Article

5. Google Auto Suggest

As you know Google is the biggest search engine giant and one way to find more searched keywords is to take the help of the google.


As well know google store our data on whatever we are searching on the google, just to improve the stats and popularity. 

So when you enter your search term, do not enter just wait and you will find that Google has some of the terms to suggest to you. 

That keywords or terms are the most searched terms on Google and will help you to generate new blog post ideas.

6. Google Search Console

Every professional blogger uses Google webmaster(also called search console) tool to add the blog post in Google’s directory or to add sitemap or to add robot.txt.

Basically, we all use search console in our daily life and if you are not using then start using it, it is a free and very helpful tool.

So what you have to do it sign in to your search console account and click on the performance tab in the top left corner. 

Now enable the option mentioned as clicks, impressions, and average position.

You will find that what your potential readers are searching for and the search term your blog or website has appeared. 

This is also one of the best way to give your readers what they are looking for and bring them to your blog and increase your traffic.

7. Buzzsumo

Once you finalize any keyword just paste that in the buzzsumo and you will find it how popular it is.

The more the backlinks that popular is that keyword term.

So this method will also tell you that whether you need to write an article on that or not.

Buzzsumo will help you in finding the blogs that accept guest posting.

8. SEMrush

This tool is recommendable for all SEO requirement.

This tool is best for competitor research all you have to do is to add your competitor’s domain in the competitor list.

SEMrush will also show you for which keyword your competitors are ranking for and can suggest you the best keywords with the functional variants. 

SEMRush is good for On-Page Tracking as it will give you the errors occurring on your website. 

You can also find Off-Page Strategies and recommendations from SEMRush. Learn More Ways to Use SEMRush.

9. Ubersuggest

As you know there are many expensive keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Majestic etc..

So Ubersuggest will help you find the right keyword terms based on your single keyword(Short-Tail) term.

This tool will also help you find the Keyword Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Content Ideas and CPC(Cost Per Click).

10. KW Finder

This tool is also same as UberSuggest but the difference is that it has one unique feature is autocomplete option whereas you type one keyword term and it will autocomplete.


Generate New Blog Post Ideas Like This

1. Research

Use all the above tools to research new blog post ideas and get as many ideas as possible. 

With this research, you will find all the variants of a particular topic. 

The success of your article depends on how well you research a particular topic and write it well.

2. Get More Blog Post Ideas(Semantic Keywords)

Google now considered over usage of the keyword as keyword stuffing and it is a blackhat SEO technique.

But for ranking a keyword you must include your keyword multiple times in the article.

How you do it?

One good option is you can use the term which is closely related to your Primary Keyword. 

And how do you find it, Just type your keyword in the Google Search and at the bottom of the results you will find more search terms people are typing in the Google.

Keyword Planner Bonus Tip 2

If you see this above image you will get so many Semantic Keyword Ideas and this you can include in your article.

3. Idea Finalization

Once you have completed the above two steps now you might get some ideas to write upon.

So now you can decide on which topic to write first. If a topic is big you can break that in two parts as well and write.

Search for more Semantic Keywords based on your blog topic and include it in your copy.

4. Use tools for Keyword Popularity and Search Volume

We all want to write viral content and attract more readers to our blog.

So to write viral content you must choose the traffic which your readers are searching for. 

Once you have selected the final keyword, paste that in the various keyword planner tools mentioned above.

You will get the search volume and competition level for that particular keyword.

5. Find the Right Platform to Share

Your article will go viral only when it is shared in the right way.

Once you write an article share it on the Social Media Platforms for better reach.

Leverage the right social media platforms for your blog/website/business.

It is very much important to understand which social media platforms works out best for your article or for your business.

It is an added bonus to get traffic and recognition for your blog/website/business via all social media channels. 

Topic You Can Write On(Blog Post IDEAS)

1. Frequently asked questions in your niche.

2. Top blogs you have read recently.

3. You can write about top bloggers/influencers in your niche.

4. Your experience in starting a new blog.

5. Why others should start blogging?

6. Benefits anyone can get from Blogging.

7. Tips and tricks you want to share with new Bloggers.

8. Common Mistakes to avoid by New Bloggers.

9. Things you want others to know.

10. You can list out your Favourite Blogs so others can get benefit out of it.

11. Solve a problem your target audience is facing.

12. Your Struggle Story while starting a Blog(If Any).

13. You can Interview an Expert.

14. You can write about a Latest Tool. How to Use Tutorial?

15. Provide a Cheat Sheet for Any Tool or Any Platform.

16. Share some easy tips, tricks to things better.

17. Write on Productivity, Saving Times and Use Tools for This.

18. Case Studies


Article Ideas You Can Focus On To Write

1. How to Post

Write a step-by-step article on any tool or a platform.

2. List Posts

List out the important things which everyone should consider. Give your readers a list based post that everyone needs to complete a particular task.

3. Interview Experts in Your Domain

Interview your industry experts so that your readers can get motivated and learn from their success stories.

4. Expert Roundups 

If you have seen an article written by an expert you follow then mentioned them in your blog and share it with others as well.

5. Cheat Sheet

If you find out some good steps to avoid huge time or if your idea can save a lot of time for work then share that as well to your readers.

6. Case Studies

You can share Case Studies on a particular topic. You can also share a case study of some of your work.

7. Checklist 

We all need easy and correct solutions for our problem.

When I start my day I prepare my checklists of To-Do things so that I will be able to focus on all the major things. 

If you have done On-Page SEO you might have seen that it will have some criteria to give a good result for On-Page. 

Before you start working on any website first you do website audit and find what is done and what is not.

So checklist based article would be a good option to write and show your readers some of the proven ways and techniques to solve or achieve results.


Wrapping Up

The success of any blog depends on the creative and informative article one can write.

The more you focus on quality and on solving the problem for your readers your blog will be successful.

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