Exclusive Interview With Gaurav Madaan

Exclusive Interview with Gaurav Madaan [Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Expert]

Nothing is better than taking tips from the industry experts itself.

I got a chance to Interview a Self-Made Digital Marketer and I thank him for his time he had taken to answer these questions.

Let’s Welcome Gaurav Madaan 

About Gaurav Madaan

Gaurav Madaan is a 28-Year-Old Entrepreneur in the field of Internet Marketing. He is known for his blog gauravmadaan.com and he has a Podcast named as Digital Marketing VIP’s.

He is not only a digital Marketer but also an entrepreneur, Guest Speaker at Training Centres like DSIM and Featured Speaker at JvZoo (an affiliate marketing company).

Blogging is a passion for him and helping other bloggers to achieve something in life is his dreams in life.

He focuses on earning via a blog and teach the same to his readers. 

He is also a good affiliate marketing and experts in converting his readers into his sales. 

His primary income sources are affiliate marketing, Selling Online Courses, Coaching and Providing Training to the Digital Marketing Students.

Here are some of the Interview Questions Answered by Gaurav Madaan

Q.1 Why Blogging?

At a Deeper Level, Blogging gives a meaning to life. I started blogging because I wanted to learn Digital Marketing and help people by sharing what I have learned. 

It was a Tech Blog and I ran it for like 3 Years consistently while doing my MBA. It gives a great feeling to answer people’s questions in the form of a blog. Everyone should try their hands on it.

Q.2 How to get blogging Ideas?

How to choose traffic driven blog post ideas? 

If you focus on the questions your community is asking, you will never fall short of Blog Post Ideas. 

However, You can look at Quora, BuzzSumo and Uber Suggest to find things people are asking and people are liking.

Q.3 How Gaurav Madan spends his free time?

Currently, I keep myself engaged with PUBG, but mostly I like to brainstorm in my free time.

Q.4 Do you want to suggest something to new Bloggers?

Focus on solving problems people in your Niche have, your blog will automatically become famous.

Q.5 Gaurav Madan what change you see in today’s time and the time you started your journey in the Online Marketing?

The Time I started, there were not many successful names in the Industry to follow or get motivated from.
With all the Success Stories today, A lot of people think that this thing is a money making machine.
But that’s not true, you got to be smart and you need to put in some epic work to stand out Online today.

Q.6 What I should not do?

Don’t write a blog that does not solve a purpose.

Q.7 What would be your productive tips to any new blogger?

Always generate leads from every blog you write by giving a free lead magnet in exchange of reader’s email id.

You can use Thrive Leads to do that. But building an email list is of the essence.

You will be able to get people back to your next blog, do affiliate marketing, sell your products in the future and so much more.

Always generate Email leads.

Q.8 What should a new blogger do once he/she install the blog?

Make it look appealing, keep the writing easy and to the point. 

Make all the Social Channels of your Blog and once you have some blogs available, be sure to Index them via Google Webmasters.

Q.9 How can someone start a Digital Marketing Agency? 

Starting a Digital Marketing Agency is just like starting a New Venture.

First and Foremost, do the basics:
1. Register your Company
2. Register your Domain Name and Make a Good Website
with appealing packages
3. Build up all the Social Channels
4. Start a Blog on your Agency Website
5. Do your Profiling (Improve your Social Profiles)
6. Start attracting clients via Online and offline channels (My
Best channel recommendation being Linkedin)

Q. 10 How teaching others to motivate you? Do you feel the peace of mind? Do you face any challenges in today’s time?

It’s the most interesting question for me in the entire interview, to be honest. 

When I started in 2013, I found a mentor (Mr. Vinod Achanta) who helped me attain my Success.

He taught me in a manner that has always inspired me to teach others.

And not just teach but help them to be successful. 

I enjoy teaching and every time my Students gets results– it gives me Goose Bumps.

His Quote – There is nothing better than witnessing your Students being Successful.

You can have a look at his products he has created to help Digital Marketers. Explore his Product Lists.

Wrap Up

If you have liked this article, you can comment below which part you liked the most and this is just one interview.

You can comment the question below that you want me to ask the experts in the next interview. 

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