How can I Improve my Blog Engagement in 2019 [Beginners Guide]

How can I Improve my Blog Engagement in 2019? [Beginners Guide]

In this article, I am going to tell you some factors which can help you improve blog engagement

Also, you can find some factors which can irritate your readers and increase your website bounce rate.

When I started my blogging journey no one was there to guide me the things your readers gonna like and dislike on your blog.

I found it in a harsh way.

Blog engagement is one of the essential factors to drive traffic to your blog especially when you are a beginner, new as well as old readers will visit your blog regularly.

You engagement success is your blog success. 

Tips to Engage Your Blog Readers

11 Tips to Improve Blog Engagement


11 Factors That Slows Down Your Blog Engagement 

1. Slow Website Speed

Slow Websites can kill Blogging Experience once any visitor visits your blog.

According to a Study, a visitor expects to wait only for 2.5 seconds and then bounce back.

Even if your content is fantastic and if your website is taking time to load then your visitors will not visit you next time.

The main reason for this can be Bad Hosting, Lots of Images, Plugins and Other Unwanted Files. 

Go for the Hosting which can solve these issue and can improve your website performance. So this hosting can give you 99.99% uptime and loads faster.

I use Siteground(first preference) for this domain and I also got a good review of the Bluehost(If you are looking for affordable hosting).

2. No Heading

If you are writing long paragraphs without mentioning the headlines before the paragraph then you are wasting your and your readers time. 

It is always better to mention the headline, as a right headline can engage your readers and give them what they are looking for.

You can also work on best headlines so that before writing an article you can break down your content and present it beautifully via headlines.

When I look for an article I always observe headlines in the first place and then look for content.

If I do not like the article I exit the page and move on to other articles.

3. Long Paragraph

If you see some blogs have long paragraphs in their blog post and very often you read half of the content and exit because of long paragraphs.

Short paragraphs impact more than the Longer paragraphs.

When you write an article do not write a sentence of more than 20 words. 

Break your sentence into smaller paragraph’s and Write engaging lines.

4. Grammar Mistakes

This is the worst thing you can do to your readers.

If I forward you a 1000 word article with more than 500 spelling mistakes, would you be irritated? Yes, Right.

Same goes with your article if you write an article full of errors the reader will get frustrated and exit in the first 10 seconds.

I am not saying you should be a master in English Grammer, no one is but you should write to make others understand what you want to say.

Use Grammarly to remove all your grammar mistakes and improve your articles engagement.

Grammarly Banner 1

5. Interconnect Your Article

Whenever you are writing something, it should be related to the previous sentence or the term.

Write an article in such a way that your readers can relate your every sentence from the previous sentence.

Whether your readers are in the first para or about to finish the article they should feel connected to your article the entire time.

Your readers will love your writing when you make them understand something which they are looking for and to do that your article should be connective to each other.

6. Create Meaningful Content

As an Indian, you can relate yourself to this. When I was in my Semester exam, so for every 15-20 marks questions I used to write in detail about everything.

To elaborate on it, I was not focusing on writing something meaningful.

I just used to write the history of that article than at the end used to explain.

But do not do this to your readers, your readers are expecting you one thing that is the meaningful content.

Write what is expected from the article, write about proven steps, write about solutions.

If you see famous bloggers like Brian Dean from Backlinko and Neil Patel from NeilPatel then you will find that they will not write blogs just for the quantity.

Instead, their motive is to provide only quality content and Solve their reader’s problems.

7. No Referral

Nobody knows everything and we learn from each other.

An expert is not someone who knows everything but the one who knows little more than a beginner.

So whenever you write something, try to link to other useful resources matching to your article.

It will create a trust factor in the eyes of your readers, As you are making an effort to provide quality information.

When you researching about your topic you can see what other bloggers have already written.

You can provide quality information than other bloggers and can also link to their content as well.

8. Use Data With Proof

We all love data and stats and it is an excellent way to show the proof.

If you are including data in your article it will increase your article quality and shows that you have researched well for your article.

Data are the best stats to show the impact of any topic in the market.

In my group to motivate my new group members, I send then stats and figures so that they can understand the relevance of it.

Data can be useful in understanding something better your text cannot explain.

9. Not Using Visuals

If I write long articles without even bother to give you a hint what is this all about, you will exit the page.

But if I am using an image and showing you step-by-step process, there is a good chance my readers will grab the things more efficiently. 

Using image or infographics or Gifs or videos in your post can help you increase blog engagement.

Pro Tip:- Make sure you are using an excellent hosting service if you are using videos in your article as it can slow your site speed.

10. Not Updating Information

Things change very fast, especially in technology.

Email Marketing what we used to use 4-5 years before is not the same as now.

Now you just have to customize and automate it and it will take care of your business process of its own. 

Same with the information as well.

Keep updating your content otherwise, it will get lost somewhere from where you cannot take it back.

11. Give Freebies

By this method, you can not only improve blog engagement inside your article but outside of your article and even outside your blog. How?

If you are offering freebies I recommend you collect their email address in return of freebies. 

So in a regular interval, you can send them the emails about tips, another freebie, new blog notifications. 

You can engage them via content outside of your blog.

Your motive should be to engage your readers/visitors in respect to inside blog or outside blog.

Before Wrapping Up

I hope you liked these 11 Tips to improve blog engagement.

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