Common Blogging Myths 2018

Common Blogging Myths 2018

Top Blogging Myths Busted

Before Starting anything we assume somethings as it is they are without checking their correctness. This assumption will lead us to myths in the future. Today I am going to bust some of the common blogging myths and before joining digital marketing classes.

1. Common Myths Before Joining Digital Marketing Classes

You have to learn from expensive institute only.

We all want the best things in life and we spend so much on studies thinking that if we spend more on our fees and go to a high-fi college then we will get the best knowledge, With my experience I am saying, I had a friend who had been to an expensive Digital Marketing institution cost him 50k-70k and the knowledge he got is 30-40%. If you want to read like this then go and join any of the classes but if you are looking for knowledge and want to excel in your career then do proper research and join.

You can learn digital marketing from in the classroom only.

This is an overestimated term. The difference between in-class training and learning by yourself is that you will go in a particular direction with the help of syllabus but when you are learning by your own you might not know what to read, how to read and how to improve. If you know where to go and how to go then you can confidently learn by yourself via blogs, videos, podcasts, and other informational portals.

Once you complete the training you will get a high paid job.

Due to huge competition in Digital Marketing every Tom, Dick, and Harry is calling themselves an expert. Some people without having prior digital marketing knowledge joining internship or applying for a job as a fresher and start competing with others who have completed the courses. The right talent should reach the right place at the right time. You must have patience while joining to any company do not expect more salary at the starting instead focus on learning.

Your training institute will fetch you a job, you do not have to try anything.

Any institute can give you assistance but cannot do 100% placement for you. They can show you the way but you only have to travel on your own. Do not completely depend on the institution to fetch you a job instead try yourself and come up with better ideas to apply for a job.

Whatever you read in the class is enough for you.

Digital Marketing is a self-learning field and it is never enough. We always need to be upgraded with the trends going in digital marketing. You can learn only limited in the class and that will affect you badly. Instead, create your own blog while learning so that you can read and do practical aspects as well.

Online classes will not give you value for money.

It is just as good as you believe, the only difference between self-learning and in-house learning is that a trainer can guide you, can show you direction which you can follow. Your trainer is an expert in that particular domain so that he can guide you well. In the case of self-learning, you should know that where you want to go and what do you want to learn.


2. Common Blogging Myths

You Should Have Good Experience to Start  

I do not know everything in Digital Marketing but I know a little more than some people. Whatever I am posting in digital marketing is learned through my personal blog and my blog is my authority to show my work to the outside world.

So whatever knowledge you have whether you are a beginner or an experienced, student or a businessman, you should start blogging at the earliest.

You can be successful in no-time

This is not exactly a myth but many new bloggers get motived by others and think that they will start a blog today and get success instantly. No Doubt you will get success based on your hard work and strategy but it will not be an instant success.

Blogging is a long journey and you have to handle so many things and manage so many things. If you follow the right steps and strategy, success will come to you.

There Are So Many Bloggers Out There 

You will not believe that there are blogs which are based on the niches that nobody can think of. The beauty of blogging is that anyone can be successful in it with the right direction and effort.

They Say you do not have to start to be great but you must start to be great.  So do not worry about others, just write with your passion, things you like to share with the world and in no time your blog will find its right place.

My niche is not so famous

“You cannot tell me how much money I have in my wallet by seeing me.” So do not judge any niche based on what you think. Start blogging and find it out yourself.

Even if your blog and your niche are not getting you anywhere then you can be a guide in that particular niche and can share your opinion on that.

“Every Failure has its own experience and story to share.”

You need to be a technical person or you must know to code

The beauty of blogging is that even an 8-year-old boy can start blogging and there are so many kids with such talent. Blogging is a simple thing made up of themes and plugins and you do not need to know more.

Blogging is a step by step process and in the process, you will learn the things benefiting and affecting your blog, so that you can avoid those mistakes.

Be a perfectionist 

When you make mistake and avoid the same mistake then you will be called as a perfectionist. So as the blogging, when you make a mistake and rectify it and avoid the same mistake to happen again then you will be a professional blogger.

Your mistakes should be your teacher and should teach you the things that can affect your blog.

Before This End

All the above statement has only one conclusion that is to start your blog today Now. It does not matter whether you know something about blogging or not. Blogging is a self-paced learning system and more you try to explore, more you learn new things.

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