Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make 2018

 Top Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make 2018 By DigitalGrace


Lately, I have come across to blogging mistakes every beginner usually make and though these topics do not seem to be an issue, in reality, these topics play an important role in making your website look professional and help you in rank your website.

These mistakes will give you a fair understanding and help you in preventing the blogging mistakes which bloggers usually make in their blogging journey. There are Top Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make and do not understand the importance of it.

The Top Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make are:-

1. Domain

We usually do not research well about our domain and make this mistake usually. A domain is the soul of your website and selection of right domain is crucial for ranking and getting search by the search engines.

2. Paid and Free Hosting

We Usually look for free blog hostings like blogger by Google or and there is nothing wrong with that but the problem with Free hostings or Blogs is that you lose control over it. You have to write, design and work basis on the rules and regulations of the provider.

If you have paid Hosting or Blog( then you can design, write and work according to your requirement. If you are serious about writing or starting your business then go for a paid domain and hosting and if you just want to write for time pass and write when you are free then free domain and hosting will work. Different Ways to Make Passive Income through a blog or from online.

3. Research

Research before taking any work is crucial and the same in the blogging journey you have to do proper research on the keywords, your area of interest and how you can monetize your blog or website. The opportunity to improve and increase the customer base is important for the success of your blog.

4. Niche Selection

The success of Your Blog Depends on the niche you select to take forward in your blogging journey. The niche should be something which has demand and should have enough potential to give you revenue out of it. Your Niche can make or break your blog. The Main Profitable Niches are:
A. Entrepreneurship
B. Careers
C. Hobbies Or Creativity
D. Parenting
E. Personal Finance
F. Internet Marketing
G. Digital Marketing
H. Self- Improvement

There are so many sub-categories falls under these main categories and you just have to choose the right one. Keep this in mind that niche should not be vague instead it should be specific.

5. Knowledge Sharing

Running Behind the money will give you some percentage of success but it will be not sure how much. Make Your Business to give something valuable to people at large because if you are solving people’s problem they will love you for that. Invest your time to create something valuable for your users and enjoy their Following.

6. Header and WhiteSpace

Design your blog in such a way that it should not look unprofessional. Even if you are not writing well the design of your blog should be good, I mean your blog represents you and if you do not concentrate on blogs outer and content part then nobody is going to like your blog and never gonna visit you again.

Use proper headings while writing a blog so that it looks professional and also it will give your blog a systematic and proper format and looks good.

7. Interlinking 

Do not just write One or two blogs, for better reach and a good amount of traffic you should consistently write blogs. If you want success in something, the only way is to start working on that. The success of your blog depends on your readers but keep this in mind that if a reader finds everything in your blog then he will trust you and visit again and again for more information.

So whenever you create a blog then interlink all your older and newer posts to the current posts and this will help your reader to engage with your content and build trust in you.

8. Images

There was a time when users used to read the entire blog and take notes but not readers like infographics or video tutorials for better understanding. You should use images to attract the readers and engage them in your content. Images will help you convey the message you want to share with your readers.

9. Social Shares 

We all are social animals and we have access to so many social media for news feeds. Anything happening either around us or in the world we come to know via all these mediums and we can stay updated with these pieces of pieces of information.

In your blog keep the social shares buttons active because it will give you more engagement and if your content is liked by anyone they will happily share it with their friends and acquaintances. Social Share will help you to get more visitors by sharing a content on other pages and increase your website traffic.

10. Analytics

If you want to grow and improve your website/blog then you should focus on analytics as well. You should be aware of the reader’s interest and how they will behave on your website and what they are looking for on your website. Any business succeeds because of there users only.

11. Valuable Content

This I have already mentioned in the beginning that we should create value for the marketplace. Our Income or success depends upon our skill, not on how we look or not something we are known for in our friend circle. So long story short if you want to grow your business, make income or revenue, increase conversion, make a difference in people’s lives then you must focus on quality over quantity.

12. Faith/Patience

This I kept at last because this is very crucial and most of the bloggers lose their hope and stop blogging. Bloggers initially invest their time in the blog and when they see there is no revenue coming into the blog then they lose interest and stop writing on it and stop giving their time.


 I hope this blogging mistakes will give you a clear understanding of mistakes bloggers usually make and my intention to write on this is because I do not want you to commit these mistakes. If you have something in mind apart from these then mention in the comment below.

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  1. Hi,
    The explanation in article for each and every topic is really great and useful. I really liked it the most. Your effort is appreciated. Thanks for sharing such nice information. Keep posting.

  2. Thanks, Jobin 🙂 I totally agree with all the mistakes you’ve mentioned here, especially Point #5 Knowledge Sharing. It is important to write content that interests our target audience rather than on some random topics. This will help bloggers carve a niche for themselves.

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