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How To Get Maximum Benefit Out of Google’s Keyword Planner

ContentsWhat is Keyword? What is Keyword Research?Why Keyword Research is Important?What is the Google Keyword Planner?Why should I use Google Keyword Planner?How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool? You Can Rank Your Website In The Top of Search Engines Results. “Don’t you believe it?” In this article, I will show you how to use google keyword planner …

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How to make a blog 2018

How to Start a Blog in 2018

ContentsWhat is Blogging?What is Blog?How Can I start blogging?What is Domain?What is Hosting?Blogging Platforms(How Can I Start Blogging For Free)?What Is The Best Blogging Platforms for beginners and Vs Other Blogging PlatformsHow to setup WordPress BlogHow do I Start Blogging (Beginners Level)Tips for New BloggersHow can I improve my blog (Intermediate & Expert Level)Why …

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Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make 2018

ContentsThe Top Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make are:-1. Domain2. Paid and Free Hosting3. Research4. Niche Selection5. Knowledge Sharing6. Header and WhiteSpace7. Interlinking 8. Images9. Social Shares 10. Analytics11. Valuable Content12. Faith/Patience   Lately, I have come across to blogging mistakes every beginner usually make and though these topics do not seem to be an issue, in reality, these topics …

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Top Trending Digital Marketing Strategies 2018

ContentsTop Digital Marketing Trends In 2018 Are:-1. PPC Advertising:- 2. SEO3. Contents Marketing4. Social Media Strategies5. Video Marketing4. E-mail marketing    Today’s world offline marketing strategies are decline day by day and started following new Strategies in Online marketing. Digital marketing became the main part of the business, most of the business activities have done through …

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18 ways to monetize your blog

Contents18 Ways To Monetize Your Blog1. Affiliate Marketing2. Sponsored Ads 3. Digital Marketing Services To Companies4. Content Writer5. Youtube Channel6. Blogging7. Email Marketing8. Online Courses9. E-Books10. Web Development11. SEO Services12. Consultation13. Domain Selling14. Selling Website15. Freebies/Surveys16. Work From Home17. Marketing Strategies18. Digital Marketing Strategies We all look for an extra income apart from our regular jobs. …

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