Grammarly Review – Your Personal Perfect Writing Assistant

Grammarly- Free Grammar Checker Tool

In this article, I will teach you how to best use a free grammar checker tool. The only difference between the expert and the beginner is their writing skills. When we are a beginner blogger we tend to make loads of writing errors in sentences. If your reader visits your page and sees these mistakes … Continue reading “Grammarly Review – Your Personal Perfect Writing Assistant”

How To Get Maximum Benefit Out of Google’s Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Image

You Can Rank Your Website In The Top of Search Engines Results. “Don’t you believe it?” In this article, I will show you how to use google keyword planner and how with the help of google keyword planner you can rank your articles and even your website. Let’s get started As a Digital Marketer, I understand … Continue reading “How To Get Maximum Benefit Out of Google’s Keyword Planner”

Top 43 Blogging Questions of 2018

Top Blogging Questions of 2018

  We all have doubts, thoughts, ideas about blogging and in this blog I am going to mention the top blogging questions of 2018 beginners and bloggers have asked me on Quora and I have explained it below. Use above to tweet your blogging questions. Top blogging questions of 2018 – Part 1 Q.1 What … Continue reading “Top 43 Blogging Questions of 2018”

Common Blogging Myths 2018

Common Blogging Myths 2018

ContentsTop Blogging Myths Busted1. Common Myths Before Joining Digital Marketing ClassesYou have to learn from expensive institute only.You can learn digital marketing from in the classroom only.Once you complete the training you will get a high paid job.Your training institute will fetch you a job, you do not have to try anything.Whatever you read in the class … Continue reading “Common Blogging Myths 2018”

How to Start a Blog in 2018

How to make a blog 2018

  Once in a lifetime, this set of questions might have clicked inside in your mind. 1. What is Blogging? 2. How can I start blogging? 3. Blogging Platforms 4. WordPress Vs Other Platforms 5. Setup My First WordPress Blog? 6. Ways I Can Start Blogging (Beginners Level)? 7. How can I improve my blog? … Continue reading “How to Start a Blog in 2018”

Semrush Review 2018 – A Complete SEO Tool

  Have you ever wondered how the top bloggers or the digital marketing experts choose the keywords to write a blog post? How are they able to generate a good amount of traffic and make a profit out of it?    In this post, I am going to explain how to do keyword research and why it … Continue reading “Semrush Review 2018 – A Complete SEO Tool”

Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make 2018

  Lately, I have come across to blogging mistakes every beginner usually make and though these topics do not seem to be an issue, in reality, these topics play an important role in making your website look professional and help you in rank your website. These mistakes will give you a fair understanding and help you … Continue reading “Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make 2018”

Top Trending Digital Marketing Strategies 2018

  Today’s world offline marketing strategies are decline day by day and started following new Strategies in Online marketing. Digital marketing became the main part of the business, most of the business activities have done through the internet. If you are looking to start the new business in 2018 and you don’t know how to … Continue reading “Top Trending Digital Marketing Strategies 2018”

Various Modules in Digital Marketing

  In the last post, I have mentioned that what is Digital Marketing. In this Post, I have written about Various Modules In Digital Marketing is the question frequently asked and in the last post, I have mentioned about the opportunities in Digital Marketing in business as well as for professionals. Various modules of Digital Marketing, … Continue reading “Various Modules in Digital Marketing”