18 ways to monetize your blog

We all look for an extra income apart from our regular jobs. Each and every single individual once in a while would check on the internet the ways to monetize your blog which you can give them an extra edge and give them financial freedom in a long run.

As Human Beings we need money to survive and live our livelihood comfortably, but we all agree that our requirement with money is totally different from one other. Some need money to survive, for some, it is spending on fun activities, some use it to invest in materialistic things.

If I talk about me I need money to make myself financially independent, where I can support my family, spend without thinking twice and invest in making something worth for me and others.

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But if the focus is only money then you might never get it. Instead, it’s advised to focus on improving your skills which will lead you to the heights you ever dreamt of.

So in this article, you will find the 18 ways to monetize your blog, that will show you the opportunities to earn passive income in different ways.

18 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most common way to generate passive income among the other ways. Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate income regularly. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that once you do it well and even if you are not working on it anymore it will go on generating the income for you.

   a. Do’s of Affiliate Marketing

Choose affiliate products of which you believe will be good and recommendable for your readers and users.

Be patient because above all this is the one thing that you gonna need the most and if you have this you can achieve anything.

Try different things because it should make you feel good before it does good for others. If you will not enjoy doing this, you will not succeed in this.

   b. Dont’s of Affiliate Marketing

Do not expect returns on the day one itself as it’s highly impossible.

Do not promote everything you see or which are promising more incomes (Everything Looks Good From Far).

Research well before you starts promoting any product and services to anyone.

2. Sponsored Ads 

This also a very efficient way to earn passive income online. The major player in this is the google adsense(though It is hard to get approval but its not impossible) you just have to give them space on your website and they pay you the rent for it, as simple as it is.

3. Digital Marketing Services To Companies

One of the booming sector i.e Digital Marketing. Every company now want to make themselves visible on the internet and do not want to miss their potential customers. There are so many services you can offer your customers to make them present online and do well in their niche.

4. Content Writer

Writing Something takes time and energy or should I say mental energy. The Content Writing Skill has a very huge scope and it is increasing every day. Everybody wants to write good and impress their readers and want them to return to them again and again.

It is very essential to write good content whether it is for website, blogs, articles, Information-based portals and Many More. The Content Writer Can make a huge impact in making a brand visible in the marketing with creativity.

5. Youtube Channel

Not everyone wants to read the long articles this is where youtube comes into the picture and the best way to tell your readers you think about a particular topic. It has a huge scope for those who would like to earn a passive income.

6. Blogging

This topic is huge and words fall short in explaining it all. Blogging is a business where you write, reach to many people, attract new readers and more. There is no limitation for blogging and possibilities are endless. Invest your time and effort in blogging and you will reap profit fruit from it. More your work on your blogging, more your investment ROI will increase. Blogging can be your full-time job and make your boss of your own.

Your Blogging business can provide you with the things you are desiring of like money, brand, respect, name, and purpose for life. Blogging is for those who are passionate and wants to do something better for their readers and make a difference through them. You can find out more about Blogging in the future articles and videos covered.

7. Email Marketing

The personal touch of what email marketing can give you is something different. Email Marketing is the best tool to reach your readers personally and make an impact on your values. I suggest you see this youtube video by digitaldeepak.com to see how strong is Email Marketing vs Social Media.

8. Online Courses

This will take time but will sure give you success. Courses that are offered by any of the Digital Marketing Institute are charged 20-70K. You can target those type of people who cannot invest that much and want to learn at less cost. Online Courses will help make your website a brand and improve your income level because your readers will choose you over other mediums.

9. E-Books

 These E-books can help your readers to do extra things which cannot be done by reading blogs and seeing videos. Ebooks act as a checklist as it provides step-by-step content on the particular topic as it’s written on the particular topics in the details form.

10. Web Development

Website Development and Designing is another passive source of income which you can do in your free time. Survey says that 25% of the businesses use WordPress for their website purpose. You can learn how to create a website using WordPress(believe me it is easy) and create any type of websites like Education, Blogging, Business, and Many more.

11. SEO Services

Though SEO comes under Digital Marketing the area of SEO is huge. SEO in itself is a very big approach and consists of many criteria to rank in the google. SEO is a long-term and can do wonders for your clients. In the future Posts and videos, I will be going to explain more about SEO and Other Digital Marketing Topics and ways to earn money online and increase your extra income while working.

12. Consultation

 Be a Consultant for companies and brands and help them in achieving what they are looking for. Consultation for companies can help them achieve their goals and vision in time and effectively.

13. Domain Selling

You can even try this as well. Every Business or Blogger or Marketer need a website and for a website, they should have a domain first, keep an eye on the premium domains and sell them, you can make your commission through this.

14. Selling Website

Not all do good in the business and because of some circumstances they either close the business or do not want to continue but by that time they have had put so much effort that it started giving them good visitors and good income and if you can help them sell their website at a good price, it would be a win-win situation to both the parties.

15. Freebies/Surveys

This type of work does not need much mental energy and you can do this in a small span of 2-4 hours per day and make money online.

16. Work From Home

This includes various work like Typing, copy-paste work, freelancers, home-based work and Many More.

17. Marketing Strategies

I started my career as a Marketing Executive and based on that I know how long it takes to make a proper marketing strategy and how to implement it properly. You can help start-ups and agencies and Small and Medium shops to market and attract the customers effectively. You can customize their marketing strategies according to the client’s needs and budget.

18. Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing is growing so fast and all companies cannot hire the number of members in their digital marketing team and take things forward. Instead, they look for freelancers or someone who can work for them for a small time and help them strategize their digital marketing plan and help them execute it.


I hope this post will give you a fair idea of the ways to monetize your blog. Comment below if I missed out anything and if you want me to write on some other topic, let me know. Thank you!!

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